What is Photomedicine?

Light is composed of packets of energy called photons. Our bodies naturally respond to light in some pretty amazing ways. Using photons of precise wavelengths, we can alter our biological activity to stimulate cellular functions, leading to beneficial clinical effects and healing mechanisms. These precise wavelengths of light unlock our body’s natural responses to accelerate healing. When light is absorbed by our cells, the mitochondria acts as a “cellular engine”, and are a key component in cellular respiration. From there, the enzyme cytochrome c oxidase (CCO, a unit in the mitochondrial respiratory chain), absorbs photons and increases its activity. This leads to increased adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, cell proliferation and growth factor production. But one of the most important effects that occurs from the absorption of light energy is unlocking nitric oxide from CCO, leading to the enhancement of enzyme activity.

Why is Nitric Oxide so Important?

Nitric oxide (NO) is a potent signaling molecule that regulates many physiological processes including vasodilation, the immune response and neurotransmission. One protein that NO binds to is the protein CCO, found in the mitochondria. When MLT is applied, the light energy excites CCO, changing its electronic state and releasing the bound NO. Releasing NO also increases cellular respiration. In its unbound state, NO alters gene transcription, resulting in increased growth factors and reduced inflammation. All of this helps the cells to regenerate and promote healing.

Modulated Light Therapy

PhotonMD’s patent-pending technology, MLT, enhances natural healing mechanisms by targeting specific biochemical processes with precise intensity, dose and wavelengths of light. These precise wavelengths of light unlock our body’s natural responses to accelerate healing.

Target Treatment Areas

PhotonMD is creating safe, therapeutic solutions for aesthetic, autoimmune, inflammatory diseases and other conditions susceptible to light-based healing.