Cell Regeneration, Naturally Unlocked from Within

Role of Nitric Oxide

NO has been widely studied since the Nobel Prize was awarded in 1998 to three US scientists for identifying the role nitric oxide plays in cardiovascular health. Work pioneered by Professor Tiina Karu, PhD., (Institute on Laser and Informatic Technologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences) discovered that cellular mitochondria are photoacceptors of red light in the skin and scalp. 1-4 The red light induces hair growth by stimulating the “photoaccepting” mitochondria to release nitric oxide promoting increased blood flow 5-6.

Increased Efficacy Across Spectrum

Certain wavelengths of light have been recently discovered to also release NO and have numerous health benefits. These benefits include decreased inflammation, modulating the immune response and to be highly antibacterial to some of the most antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

At PhotonMD, we are leading research into unlocking more of these light based formulas for targeted development of our MLT technology. MLT is used with our medical devices to deliver the precise wavelength of light needed to the affected areas to best utilize this natural body phenomena.

Light must be absorbed to create activity.

We see this activity in nature, through photosynthesis and are discovering more about how light affects our body’s cells every day.