Precise Intensity, Doses and Wavelengths of Light

What is MLT?

Modulated Light Therapy™ (MLT™), is a patent pending technology to enhance natural healing mechanisms by targeting specific biochemical processes with precise intensity, doses and wavelengths of light. These precise wavelengths of light unlock our bodies natural responses to accelerated healing.

How Can Light be Precise?

Visible or near-visible light is a small part of a larger electromagnetic spectrum. Within that light range is a set of distinct wavelengths or colors of light energy. While natural light is composed of all of those wavelengths and is beneficial to life as we know it, our cells respond uniquely to precise wavelengths of targeted light.

Our technology uses patent pending formulations at precise wavelengths, intensities and durations to re-activiate molecules that are already present in your body.

Our research into these specific indications helps us target the diseases that are best affected and develop medical devices to deliver those treatments

Our cells respond uniquely to
precise wavelengths of light.

Plants use light through photosynthesis to produce energy and grow. However, only certain wavelengths or colors of light can be absorbed. Our bodies work in a similar way. When precise light energy is increased to our cells their renewal increases. Photoreceptors in our cells change light energy into nitric oxide and growth factors that regenerate cells and stimulate healing.